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Sardar Mallu Singh | Latest Punjabi Movie | 2014

Yellow Music
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Cast :
Kunchako Boban as Ani
Unni Mukundan as Hari/Harindar Singh (Mallu Singh)
Samvrutha Sunil as Aswathy/Achu
Rupa Manjari as Pooja
Biju Menon as Karthikeyan
Manoj K. Jayan as Pappan
Meera Nandan as Neethu
Aparna Nair as Swetha
Shaalin Zoya as Nithya
Siddique as Valiyamppatu Raghavan Nair
Saikumar as Govindan kutty
Geetha as Harvindar's Mother
Suraj Venjaramood as Susheelan
Ganapathi as Hari
Joju George
Suresh Krishna as Anandan,Govindan's eldest son
Lakshmi Krishna Moorthy as Ani's and Achu's Grandmother
Sreejith Ravi
Mithun Ramesh Voice For Unni Mukundan
Vyshakh as a singh in the truck (Special Appearance)
Asif Ali as Harindar Singh(Original)(Special Appearance)
Hanzil Hydar Ali as Kuttoos (Special Appearance)
Jake Kallarackal as Mallu Singh
Baby Ester as Nithya Jr

Synopsis - Ani (Kunchacko Boban) wants to find Hari(Unni Mukundan) who has been missing for seven years. Hari was Ani's friend from childhood; besides Ani's younger sister Ashwathi's(Samvrutha Sunil) wedding was almost finalized with Hari, his cousin. He found his grandmother in tears most of the time and watching her, he decided that he must reach Hari somehow. For many years Ani has been searching for Hari. So when Ani recognizes Hari in a TV program featuring Punjab, he sets forth to Punjab with great expectations of finding Hari.

In Punjab, he arrives in Mallu Street and to his wonder, he locates Hari. But Hari's name is Harinder Singh, he sports a beard and turban and his attire is purely Punjabi. Even in his behavior, Harinder Singh alias Mallu Singh looks a typical Punjabi. Ani wants to make sure about Hari's identity and so decides to stay there for a longer period. While contemplating the hurdles he has to overcome in a strange land to learn the truth, help arrives in the form of Karthi (Biju Menon) and Pappan (Manoj K. Jayan) . Together, the three go in search of proof to make su

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