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Two year old miraculously saves his twin brother today bbc news latest news

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Two year old miraculously saves his twin brother today bbc news latest news...
Video has captured the moment a two-year-old boy rescued his twin brother after a chest of drawers they were playing in crashed over on top of him.
Dresser fell on top of two year boy
Boy Rescues Twin Brother From Fallen Dresser
Toddler Saves Brother From Being Crushed
(FULL VIDEO) How Toddler saves his twin brother from being crushed by dresser
Superhuman Toddler Saves Twin Brother
Caught on camera: 2 year old tries to lift fallen dresser off twin brother

Dramatic video shows the moment a heavy dresser tipped over and landed on top of a two-year-old boy as his twin brother tried to rescue him.

Karli Shoff, a Utah mother to two-year-old twin boys Bowdy and Brock, released nanny cam footage of the Dec. 29 incident that could have badly injured her children.

“I usually hear everything. We didn’t hear a cry, we didn’t hear a big thud,” Shoff told NBC affiliate KSL News.
Shoff said she had woken up to look at the camera to make sure her children were still sleeping. That’s when she noticed the dresser had fallen over.

“We saw that it was all the way down and they were still playing. So we didn’t know if it landed on them,” she said to KSL.

After carefully reviewing the footage, she witnessed what had happened moments earlier.

“Everybody needs to bolt their dressers to the wall,” Shoff said of the difficult-to-watch images. “We just didn’t think about it.”

The video even showed Bowdy trying to get the dresser off of Brock who was trapped underneath it. “Bowdy just came around and assessed the situation…tried to lift it up and that didn’t work then he just pushes with all his might and it pushed him right off his brother.”

Shoff said she released the video as a warning to other parents about the importance of securing furniture to the wall.

“Accidents are going to happen, so we just want to spread awareness to this one accident that happened and hope that it doesn’t happen to any other family,” Shoff said.

According to KSL, both boys are doing well.

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