[ENG SUB] RAENG TAWAN (แรงตะวัน) EPISODE 6 1-2

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This Lakorn subbed by JL Subbing Team

Details :
Title : Raeng Tawan / แรงตะวัน / The sun's power / The burning sun
Duration: 14 Episodes
Genre : slap-kiss, drama
Broadcast Network: Channel 3
Broadcast Period : June 15, 2016 --- Auguste 03, 2016
Opening Theme Song : Lomlalai (หลอมละลาย) by Tono & The Dust
Ending Theme Song : Chairai (ใจร้าย) by Bowkylion
Production Company Name : Who&Who

Main Cast:
Aum Atichart Chumnanon as Suriyane (Pu)
Chippy Sirin Preedeeyanon as Tantawan (Kate)
Pachara Chirathivat as Wisut
Aom Sucharat Manaying as Pensiri

Synopsis :
(Kate) returns to Thailand after studying abroad. At the same time her younger brother accused of murdering (Pu's) sister. She believes that this is a misunderstanding and tries to convince (Pu), you need to look for the real killer. (Pu) is eager to take revenge from her brother and their entire family.

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