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#NoFilter: Kanye West Keeps it Real, Do you?

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Kanye West is the king of #nofilter. He doesn’t hold back when it comes to hip hop, art, his relationship with Kim, and taking on the fashion industry.

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During the now infamous Sway interview, the king of controversy proves he is not afraid to speak up. So is having no filter a bad thing? Watch to see what Karlie Hustle thinks in her latest installment of Hustle & Grow.


One of my favorite live wires—and dare i say, the king of no filter—is Kanye West.

Everyone in hip-hop is always talking about ‘keeping it real,' so i’m wondering…is having no filter really such a bad thing?

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Take a page out of kanye’s book and let some truths fly today...

Karlie: "Heather where did you get that shirt?"
Heather: "Um I...I don't know. I think it was a present."
Karlie: "Oh yea. I was going to say it doesn't look like something you would have bought for yourself..."

Remember, I said a page, not the entire book! I’m karlie hustle and that’s how you hustle and grow.”

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