Caught in a FOREST FIRE! [Fuel Faction ENA Day 6]

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Now this was a day of drama and non-stop eventualities! On the penultimate day of Fuel Faction ENA we're travelling from Pisa to Sestriere in Italy, first starting off with a quick tourist stop at the Leaning Tower.

Next we're onto the roads up the coastline, a beautiful flowing highway armed with many a tunnel, before we jump back in land for a mountain pass. This is where things start to get interesting as we come across a police road block due to a forest fire! Let's hope that nobody has been hurt from this but watching it being managed by the planes and helicopters was a bizarre experience.

After a document check with the police (I imagine they were a bit surprised to see 4 stickers up sports cars on a random pass like this), we're then behind for an escort down to a beautiful seaside down, and possible the most incredible series of tunnels I have ever experienced.

From there, we roll up the motorways again and the mountain roads up towards Sestriere to bring the day to an end.

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