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This video is about Night life in my Bangkok Hostel. There people enjoying the music and games along with other traveler staying in the same hostel. This hostel name is Playground Hostel and located in almost central of Bangkok city. The Hostel was AWESOME.
I have told about hostel life. I stays in Playground Hostel Bangkok for 3 nights. My first experience staying in any hostel was awesome. It was so cheap and fit to my budget. I booked this hostel form without no any advance payment. I booked this hostel for three days in just Rs.1350/- means 450 Rupees for one night that was awesome. The rooms were dormitory and there was dorms or bunk beds. But that was awesome. This hostel was fully air conditioned AC. They gave me 1 pillow ans 1 blanket and 1 locker to to keep my bag inside. This hostel also had a small Bar. There are so many hostels and hotels in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Ayutthaya and Ching Mai.
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