Fortnite x BONES ☠️ Yxoii Twitch Stream Highlights 2

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Plus a lil bit of Sans from Undertale.
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Music: BONES - CtrlAltDelete
BONES - BlastZone (ЗонаПоражения)
BONES - WhereTheTreesMeetTheFreeway (ГдеДеревьяГраничатСШоссе)

Garo - Leon vs. Alfonso Episode 18
Airborne - American Paratroopers 1944 [HD Colour]
STALKER: Call of Pripyat Atmosfear 3 Blowout

1) why a sadboy amv-style montage with no memes?
im experimenting - unless i try many things, i'll never grow
2) should i follow yxoii?
3) does yxoii listen to or even like BONES?

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