Symbols Explained_ (Part 1)_ All Seeing Eye & Horned Hand Sign

J Michael Wilson
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Episode 1 breaks down the meaning of the All-Seeing Eye and the Devil Horns Hand Sign. If you have questions please leave them in the comment section.

Occult symbolism is everywhere. It seems that we can't escape it. I thought that it was a pretty obvious thing today, that people knew what these signs meant. But looking at many people, it seems that people believe that these symbols can be used for good or that they are not that serious. I realized that when I learned of these symbols I at first was just shown that many celebrities were doing them, but I did not know completely what they meant. I decided that I needed to educate others on the symbols of this world and what they represent. So I'm starting a new series explaining symbolism so that people are not in the dark. This is not illuminati symbolism. It's deeper than that.

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